Nov 23, 2017


Comment on a web story about teaching kids to do something in redress, rather than say 'sorry'.

"Reminds me of the Australian propensity to say sorry when it is not their fault. I think of Rudd's 'apology' to aboriginal Australians for their failed culture of child abuse and domestic violence, as part of the grand attempt by the aboriginal victim industry to lever $ out of the government. Better would have been to say 'sorry for the children we had to look after because you refused to'. But being a spineless narcissist, he didn't, of course."

Oct 30, 2017


I'm not homophobic, lesbophobic, islamophobic, gynophobic, transphobic...heck no, I'm just plain ol' phobicphobic.

And talk about the cool crowd's hate-speech against the mentally ill...calling everything they can't handle a 'phobia'. It's just their 'shut-up talk'.

Oct 26, 2017

I want your money!

“But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.  Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this.  One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.” 

Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-chair of IPCC Working Group III, in an interview with Bernard Potter for NZZ Sonntag, 14 Nov. 2010 (NZZ - Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung).

Oct 24, 2017

Q&A massive fail

The public christians were out in force at the ABC's Q&A last night. A performance that was a risible tear jerker!

Risible tear jerker?

The archbishop was acting like he was debating which colour bible cover he should use at the parish fete. Not like he was debating a fundamental debasement of society and destruction of the beneficial childhoods of children!

Here are some proper responses:

  • The bloke who claimed he had a great multi family upbringing:

"mate, we're not talking about your privilaged experience, we're talking about what research shows: it is well known that overall, children from broken families do worse on major life indicators. You want to condemn how many children to being worse off? Children who don't have the benefit of well-off multi-parents"

  • Magda Szubanski and her 10% of population is homosexual:

"Sharon, you're acting just like Sharon: your 10% is from Kinseys faked up propaganda based on the non sample of prisoners. A bloke who abused babies, and you think he's got something to say? Get real. The number is more 1-3%, but big deal; its an aberation that has no genetic meaning and therefore is a perversion."

  • MS on the church sacking a priest:

"Not only are you factually wrong, Sharon, but what we do in our organisation by our system is none of your business. We aren't a public service, we are a private community group and we run the way we all agree to, and within the law. And here you are wanting us to back off your imagined private issues (because marriage by its nature is a public issue), and let us run your life the way you want, but YOU want to intrude on everyone else's life...typical lefty totalitarianism of convenience!"

  • MS on not being able to get married in a church:

"Sharon, youve missed the point again. The church is a loose community of belief, not a part of the public service. And why would you who repudiate our core beliefs want to participate in our beliefs? Strangely hypocritical of you is it not.

"Remember this: marriage is a human institution for the raising of children, it is not an invention of the Christian church, we simply have a way of celebrating marriage amongst our members. If you are not a member you are free to use the public facilities at the BDM office, but why would you want to align withsomething that has nothing to do with you. We aren't an event company for your entertainment, you know....although we could....let's see, starting at $100,000 to meet the costs over generations of developing our practices...

  • To anyone who supported SSM:

"Facts don't care about your feelings. Marriage is not about love, its social function is predominantly about the protected and orderly raising of children. As we all know two blokes or two women don't have sex: they can't produce a zygote, they can't RE-produce; so whatever they do with their sex organs it ain't sex!

"And the way same sex pairs (cause they ain't couples:  no coupling gear) get kids is they get other peoples' and break the kid off from its parents...

"And don't give me the trumped up propaganda of self-selected middle class people...give me big studies like Sullins' who found the dreadful life outcomes of kids in ssm families.

To those who say the church doesn't have a voice because of child abuse:

"Get this straight. Firstly, it was a massive failure by society. Governments, the police, the judiciary, teachers, the school system, parents...none of them looked after the interests of children either. The police sat on their hands, the judiciary turned a blind eye, the governments turned their backs on institutional governance. The massive fail here is by governments, and that means, by society.

"Furthermore in a study by [get ref], it was shown that child abuse was perpertrated by religious in about 1% of cases, and by family, friends and neigbours in about 40% of cases. Get that? 40%, and more so by step parents than by natural parents; about double the rate, in fact. So on your analysis, we better not give the community particularly homosexuals any say in this debate...cause they can't do proper reproductive sex anyway.

Then, debate like Ben Shapiro

Oct 17, 2017

Women at it

Thought I'd start keeping track of domestic violence perpetrated by females. Just to keep the balance.

Oct 7, 2017

Not bigoted

Nice comment in The Australian about allegations of bigotry, etc against homosexuals in the past:

Interesting how the  majority were cast as bigots and 'homophobes' (whatever that neologism is supposed to connote), which is itself a tendentious claim. The vast majority in generations past were repelled by homosexuality because of its stifling of normal genetic progression, its denial of the essential status of a procreating family (and therefore in itself a social insult), and the preponderance of narcissistic sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and minors that was often associated with it. It was also prosecuted for its anti social posture thus illustrated.

There was no 'phobia' about it; but a measured disdain and repulsion: reasonable fear. There was no bigotry involved, it was the normal reaction of Dawkins genes seeking whole of species benefit from reproduction and asserting this against non-reproduction.

Oct 6, 2017

Not 'stolen'; rescued!

Dear SBS

Major error!

You should issue a corrective when Australia is screened again. The scrolling text at the start talks about the 'stolen generation' and refers to part aboriginal children being taken by whites...what friend Baz fails to explain is that these children were rejected by their tribes, subject to 'moral danger' (that is they were being fucked without end by both blacks and whites), left desitute and often deprived of food, clothing and shelter.

We should be thankful for the humanity of government and missionaries who had compassion on the plight of these rejected and despised (by their tribes and white ruffians) children and provided for their needs.

The were not STOLEN, they were RESCUED.

There is no question we would do it differently these days...opps. We do: we leave them to their fate!

Remember Dean Shillingsworth. He should have been rescued before his addled mother killed him. Another part black kid sentenced for death to calm the nerves of the White cool class scared of the myth of 'stolen' generation, and not willing now to rescue anyone.