Aug 5, 2017

Same sex sham marriage.

Why would anyone think that a lifestyle arrangement that stifled the production of new life had a any evolutionary role? It is a genetic dead end and thus socially inert.

Every time I see a child I am reminded of the mockery of marriage in same-sex marriage, and the falsity of the claim to marriage 'equality' every child is a clear demonstration of the very inequality between a couple than can procreate and one that can only make a mess of the sheets.

There is no public policy benefit in attempting to solve the 'acceptance' problem of adults who opt to be different, act different or live different from those of us who make the next generation that pays all our bills in retirement (through taxes, investment and consumption).

Jul 16, 2017

The pathetic chasing the irrelevant

A reporter in The Australian mentioned "How hurtful the debate got for [the alphabet soup]" when SSM was discussed in Ireland.

Nothing compared to the hurt to children who are likely to be isolated from at least one parent by government fiat, for the surrogate mothers in third world countries who are exploited by homosexual couples who admit that they are sexually inert and cannot produce children; so have to buy them, for the people drawn into the commoditisation of children. They are the hurts, but there is a flip side:

The humour.
The humour of people who engage in sham sex thinking that their private gymnastics have the social significance of couples whose real sexual intercourse often produces new life and thus the next generation.

The sad.
Sad that people with aberrant sexual dysfunction which represents a genetic dead end need a little badge from the government to tell them they are really truly OK, just like non-aberrant people, who are really truly OK.

The pathetic.
First homosexual practitioners wanted the law out of their bedrooms. Now they force their bedroom antics into the main street at every turn.

Jun 28, 2017

Ramadan 2017

Once again, the bigoted, racist, Jewphobic, hate-speech spewing war-cult, Islam, won the bombathon stakes. It smoked the runner up, as usual.

For the full list of the joys of Islam check out Muhammad.

Jun 3, 2017

A fifth column!

Minister for Defence
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister,

The appointment of the defence imam is one of the craziest decisons defence has made. He must be removed, and the role redunded.

The Defence Force imam, Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, has backed Hizb ut Tahrir and called for Sharia in Australia; this is Islamic law that includes such things as subjugation of women by men, perpetual insult and oppression of women, death for non-muslims, slaughter of Christians and Jews (by their definition, almost everyone in Australia is ‘christian’) and death for those who leave Islam.

He was a key member of the Australian National Imam’s Council when it opposed Defence operations against the Islamic State and criticised laws that prohibit the advocation of terrorism.

Yet he has been appointed to increase Islamic recruitment into our Army, Navy and Air Force, even though more Muslims from Australia have signed up to fight for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force.
You clearly have no  understanding of Islam, which has a 1400 year history of bloodshed, slaughter, oppression and enslavement of women and blacks, and over its history has murdered over 200 million people in its effort to politically dominate the world.
To include a representative of this military death cult threatens the peace of  Australia and our military capability. Why not just make the ‘fifth column’ a standard part of our order of battle? That’s what this amounts to.
Islam is not a religion like anything we know in the west, or indeed, south Asia, but it is one where its founder has said that he has ‘gained victory through terror’.
I don’t care if you delude yourself about this cult, but don’t take Australia down with you.

May 27, 2017


Once again, national 'sorry' day has passed, where pious public servants and media stooges bemoan the 'stealing' of aboriginal children from families because they were aboriginal.

Didn't happen of course. There was no government policy to do anything like this.

Sure governments have a track record of doing bad things, but this ain't one of them.
In fact, I am sorry.

I am sorry we didn't rescue more children from the stone age culture of child abuse, woman bashing, rape and assault that left them and still leaves them scared and disadvantaged for life.

Governments and missions might have not done as well as we would expect today (opps, hang on, governments still fail to protect the weak and the taxpayer), but they are the only ones who stood up for these children.