Dec 8, 2017

How homosexual marriage works

Here's a tip: it doesn't, if 'work' means have your own offspring.

The T-shirts explain it.

Policy merges with kindergarten

Hurray, finally, not ruled by biology.

So two legbiters of the same legbiting persuasion can marry.

And this is a moral triumph?

As soon as they want to make children (the basic point of marriage), they cannot, within their marriage; they must step outside it, producing a child that is someone else's, which they then have to use (well, it might be half of theirs).

Thus do we have sham sex marriage and the used children market.

Dec 6, 2017

Bad mummy

Group life

Groups don't 'form, storm, norm,  perform', rather they





and basic to group function is

Communication with


Nomenclature and


Nov 28, 2017

A bunch of sensible people

Scipio Africanus: stopped the Carthiginians

Charles Martel: stopped the Muslim hordes

John Sobieski: stopped another lot of Muslim hordes

Oliver Cromwell: stopped the king of England being bossy

James Cook: found Australia

Arthur Phillip: settled Australia (with sensible people)

Lachlan Macquarie (built sensible buildings)

Robert Menzies: (led the sensible party)

Nov 23, 2017


Comment on a web story about teaching kids to do something in redress, rather than say 'sorry'.

"Reminds me of the Australian propensity to say sorry when it is not their fault. I think of Rudd's 'apology' to aboriginal Australians for their failed culture of child abuse and domestic violence, as part of the grand attempt by the aboriginal victim industry to lever $ out of the government. Better would have been to say 'sorry for the children we had to look after because you refused to'. But being a spineless narcissist, he didn't, of course."

Oct 30, 2017


I'm not homophobic, lesbophobic, islamophobic, gynophobic, transphobic...heck no, I'm just plain ol' phobicphobic.

And talk about the cool crowd's hate-speech against the mentally ill...calling everything they can't handle a 'phobia'. It's just their 'shut-up talk'.