Road Deaths

On an RMS (NSW) Youtube advert to reduce road deaths they say that there were 392 (from memry) road deaths last year, and ask what is a 'more acceptable' number. The poor bloke asked has no idea and says seventy.

But a MORE acceptable number than 392 is clearly anything less than 392.

So my answer would be  391. Therefore kill the word 'more'. The better question is 'what is an acceptable number of deaths?'

The answer might be zero. But let's think about it.

With a statistical life being worth about $6m, the society should be willing to pay $2,352,000,000 to achieve a zero death count.

2.3 billion dollars.

Let's go!


Just don't!

Some thing remarkable is about to happen: homosexual debauchery season is upon us. Apparently this season creates a public health risk (I always wondered why HIV was so prevalent in some groups). Just don't mistake your d**k for a pipe cleaner is the basic rule, I guess. And we grace this lot with the noble estate of marriage!


Not Gay, Sad!

Sexually aberrant deviant, that is
Sadly Abnormal Dickery
Sex and Debauchery
Sexually abnormal Dude.

Gee, there's no end to the ways to describe homosexuals. But 'gay' is not one of them.


Bare-faced lies

We've just had the 10th anniversary of Kevin Rudd's bare-faced lies about 'stolen generations'. What he meant to do was to apologise that we had not done enough to rescue the racially abandoned children that tribesmen neglected because they weren't 'full' blood. Racist!

He failed to point out that  there never had been policies to 'breed out' aboriginality, or to 'steal' children. It was the aboriginal communities that were toxic to children and if not sexually abusing them in the tribe, were letting them to vagrant whites to do the job instead.

No 'stolen' generation, only 'rescued' ones, and we didn't have the nerve to even do that properly.


Thanks for welcome

We need a ‘thank you’ to the 'welcome to country' that whites invite aboriginies to give to desperately virtue signal (while still funding the aboriginal industry and keeping individual aboriginies from productive work and the encouragement to start their own enterprises)

Here’s some wording to use at the next official function.
Thank you for your welcome.
In return we are pleased to bring to this country the values, practices and benefits of civilisation.
We extend to your children and women protection from the abuse and violence of your men.
We extend to your people equality of sexes before the law, a secular life free from the spook infested natural world that your elders imagine.
We bring to you the benefits of medical, scientific and material progress, and the child protection services that keep failing you as we fear erroneous accusations of ‘stolen’ children. So we just leave them in harms way. We apologise for not rescuing your little ones, and remember Dean Shillingsworth.
We also bring to you running water, sewerage, roads, decent clothes, and for your enjoyment alcohol. Just don’t enjoy it too much (smile for laughter).

Women's AFL

I noticed on TV that the stands were sparcely occupied. Looks like only family and friends turned up. Fans voted 'boring' and stayed away.